Jaguar 3.4s-type Manual O/D 1967 British Racing Green

Original UK 1967 car built just before the 'economy' version was launched.

(above - The Jag in 2019)


If you know anything of this car's history prior to 1986, please let me know here.

1986 - 2019 (Previous owner - Portugal)

  • 1986 Car exported to Portugal
  • 1986 - 1990 (approx)
  • Stripped down, new jacking points (4)
  • Webasto sun roof fitted
  • Bare metal respray in BRG BNA opalescant
  • New chrome wire wheels and new tyres
  • Interior seats, carpets and door panels refurbished
  • Stainless steel exhaust fitted
  • New front suspension springs
  • New front discs
  • 2006: Engine overhauled: new rings, new crankshaft and shells, new oil pump and chain
  • Electronic ignition fitted
  • New seals on overdrive
  • New electric fan fitted
  • 2006 - 2019 Dry stored in Portugal, driven occasionally.

2019 - Purchased by current owner

WARNING TO ALL. Never assume new MOT is worth the paper it is printed on!

The seller, Ga**n San**m, at my request, obtained an MOT from a centre close to his trading address and so I proceeded with the purchase with ill-placed confidence. The first thing I found after fuelling up was 10 litres of petrol on the forecourt - a massive hole in the bottom of one tank! The brakes were pulling and they did not free-up (as advised) and so I took the car to a reputable garage for an overall assessment. Two sides of A4 just about covered all the mechanical defects, many of which were MOT failure points, including rotted steering and suspension bushes, seized front brake callipers, rotted engine mounts; in fact every critical piece of rubber was completely shot! All within a few weeks of an MOT! I think not!

Anyway, the seller was apparently 'in hospital' at the time, and what was the point in pursuing this as I had bought the car 'as seen'?

So thus started a lengthy and thorough overhaul of the mechanics. Fortunately, the bodywork and chassis is still in great condition with no signs of rust. Thank you Portugal!

2019 - 2020

A Jaguar restoration company has completed the following works in 2019-2020:

  • Engine removed and fully serviced
  • Front and middle wiring looms removed
  • Engine compartment cleaned back and re-sprayed
  • Aluminium components polished
  • New chromed head bolts and cam cover bolts
  • Complete new clutch assembly
  • Cooling system - new hoses throughout and stainless steel pipes fitted
  • New high-capacity radiator fitted
  • Carburettors stripped, serviced and polished
  • New front and middle wiring looms fitted
  • All new supension bushes front and rear
  • All new steering bushes
  • New engine and exhaust mounts
  • Brakes overhauled (still not great - more work needed)
  • Brake pipes replaced with copper
  • New electronic fuel pumps
  • Re-chromed body parts
  • New alternator
  • Negative earth conversion
  • New sound system
  • Anti-rust treatment throughout
  • And yes - the clock actually works!

2020 - 2022

The mechanical overhaul continues with:

August 2022

At last, my Jaguar starts and drives beautifully, and looks a million dollars!

I dare not count the cost, but in my eyes it is worth every penny to keep this lovely big cat on the road.