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Pilates Class Swap, Pilates class booking and studio management software

Our mission is to bring to Pilates Studio managers a software solution that meets their unique requirements at an affordable price.
Save time...Save money.

Edgar, Dunn & Company reports:
"★  75% of respondents use more than 4 software solutions to run their business
★  62% would be willing to pay more for a “one-stop-shop” software solution
★  52% are interested in banking services from their software vendor

You don't have to pay more! ClassSwap offers you all this for less!

U.K. based ClassSwap provides an easy to use software platform for Pilates Studio managers and individual Pilates instructors. It saves a great deal of time by automating processes such as swapping classes, booking courses, sending email notifications and sending invoices. The system is fully featured, fully customisable and the most cost-effective solution available.

Review from Vita Pilates: "ClassSwap is a vital part of the success of our business. Clients love being in control of re-arranging a class if they can’t make their usual one. It’s a brilliant selling point when asking clients to sign up for a whole term."

Pilates Class Swap and sudio management software

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